Monday, October 22, 2007

Mother Teresa on prayer

So I've been trying lately to recenter my life more squarely around prayer, and I've been finding, as I always do, that it's not always easy to pray. There always seems to be something more immediately gratifying to do, and it's all too easy for prayer to fall by the wayside. Anyway, as I was putting away some books on my bookshelf a few minutes ago, I noticed a little volume I'd never really looked at before called A Simple Path, which is a compilation of short writings by Mother Teresa. For some reason I grabbed it and flipped it open randomly to a page in the middle, which began with these words:

"Try to feel the need for prayer often during the day and take the trouble to pray. Prayer makes the heart large enough until it can contain God's gift of Himself. Ask and seek, and your heart will grow big enough to receive Him and keep Him as your own."

Now, a good portion of the book seems to be devoted to writings about prayer, so I'm not going to say that this was definitely an instance of divine intervention, but I'm not going to completely rule it out, either. I will say that it was certainly a timely bit of very relevant encouragement, and I'm thankful for it.

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