Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI on natural law and democracy

There's a good article on about Pope Benedict XVI's recent speech to members of the International Theological Commission. You know, the more I hear from the Holy Father, the more I like him. He is completely unafraid to speak the truth to a world in which so many people no longer believe in such a thing. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Benedict XVI affirmed that natural law is actually a guarantee of freedom.

"He explained: 'When fundamental essentials are at stake: human dignity, human life, the institution of the family and the equity of the social order -- in other words the fundamental rights of man -- no law made by men and women can subvert the norm written by the Creator in man's heart without society itself being dramatically struck ... at its very core.

"'Thus natural law is a true guarantee for everyone to live freely and with respect for their dignity, protected from all ideological manipulation and from all arbitrary abuses of the powerful.

"'No one can disregard this appeal. If by reason of a tragic clouding of the collective conscience, skepticism and ethical relativism managed to annul the fundamental principles of natural moral law, the very democratic order itself would be profoundly undermined at its foundations.'"

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