Sunday, March 2, 2008

Get free stuff

You should really go here to request an absolutely free copy of the monthly magazine Magnificat. It's a beautiful little book that could really help you deepen your prayer life. I bought the March edition, and I'm loving it. For each day of the month, it has morning and evening prayers adapted from the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as all the Scripture readings and prayers of the Mass. Each issue also has prayers for night, daily meditations, mini biographies of Saints, a few editorials, and an article on a piece of religious art.

I'm also a sucker for publications that feel nice, tactilely, and this is one of the nicest feeling ones I've come across. It would be worth getting one of these things just to hold it in your hands. It's about 400 pages, but you could still put it in your back pocket. The paper is really thin, but the whole thing's incredibly sturdy -- very high-quality. The covers are smooth and shiny, smoother than a normal magazine. Anyway, maybe not so important to the normal person, but I enjoy it.

So yeah, check it out. Like I say, it's completely free -- no shipping cost, and it's not even one of those awful "free trial" things where you have to send back a card so they don't start billing you. Just free. And you might really like it.

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