Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vegfest 2008

So this afternoon Jeanette and I went to Seattle's Vegfest, a kind of convention for vegetarians, and it was great. Now I am certainly no vegetarian, and neither is Jeanette, but we were enticed by the promise of hundreds of samples of food, and we were not disappointed. The convention center was packed, and there were lots and lots of samples to go around. Some of them even tasted almost as good as normal food. I did think some of the displays were a little silly, though; as I sampled some salsa on a tortilla chip, I remarked to Jeanette, "Wow, it's almost as good as non-vegetarian salsa!" But that was not the funniest thing I said today.

Like I said, the place was packed with people, and as we were slowly meandering through the masses, we ended up near a baby in a stroller who clearly was not enjoying Vegfest quite as much as the rest of us. He was crying pretty hard. And as I heard this baby crying, I was struck with inspiration. Now, sometimes an opportunity for a funny remark will present itself, but I'll miss my window of opportunity, and later on I'll think of something hilarious that I could have said and wish that I had said it at the time. This was not one of those situations. I had the perfect line, and I did not hesitate in delivering it. Loud enough for those in the immediate vicinity to hear, I said, "That baby wants some meat!"

It was so funny that even Jeanette laughed, and a girl nearby nearly spit out her free sample. I had to keep my eyes peeled, though, in case I'd offended any of the more militant vegans in the area who might want to bludgeon me with a block of tofurkey.

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