Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In the hierarchy of values ...

... freedom of conscience is easily trumped by convenience, say Hillary Clinton and the president of Planned Parenthood in a New York Times op-ed opposing a proposed regulation from the Department of Health & Human Services that would protect health care providers from being forced to violate their consciences. It might be interpreted by some doctors as "a free pass to deny access to contraception," they ominously warn.

"Conscience" is such a quaint, outmoded idea these days, anyway, useful only to invoke when one wants to justify something completely unconscionable.

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Kristin said...

this hits close to home. also, several top-notch residency programs already refuse to accept candidates who will not perform abortions.

it's been interesting to read the comments on (secretary of health and human services) Mike Leavitt's blog: http://secretarysblog.hhs.gov/my_weblog/physician_conscience/.

basically, i'm being told to choose another profession. which would not only be personally sad, but would (i think, if i'm not being too proud) do more harm to other issues that progressives care about: providing quality medical care to the poor and underserved, to prisoners, to minorities, and to the rest of the world.